Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ye Olde Shoppe of Wonderous Light and Sound is Now Open for Business

Welcome to komega's Emporium for (not so) Olde Timey Electronic Musical Instruments and Exquisite Whimsical Creations of Light and Sound

Ye Olde Timey Synthesizer Workbench:
This is where my creations come to life in their final forms.

The Shoppe is open for business and I am now taking orders for Kromatrons and custom instruments. Send me an email if you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind creation to call your own.

komega (art) no-thing (dort) net

The Komegatone (Details):
The Komegatone is a MIDI controlled analog Synthesizer built into a suitcase with a nice patina of age.

The Breadman (Details):
The Breadman is an almost complete MIDI controlled analog synthesizer with a unique feature involving a new optical method of control (can't tell you all how it works yet)

The Corina Larks, Extra Mild, Luxatronic Humidaphone:
The Luxatronic Humidaphone is a secret technology home built acidbox inside an antique cigar box. This thing makes some amazingly squelchy noises and, like the Breadman, also contains a proprietary optical system.

The Kromatron (Details):
This CNC machined, clear acrylic MIDI controller is kind of beyond description. It's dynamic in the sense that it can change what it does while it is doing it.

The Kromatron at the CDM futuristic design challenge:

The 1000 Year Egg:
Watch the video for this device. I certainly cannot explain it in textual terms.

Various Whimsical Laser Cut Light Creations:
Wood, Acrylic, LED's and Lasers!

Craig Dorety (Proprietor)